Jizerské hory Museum

Muzeum Jizerských hor, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Jizera Mountains

Jizerka 43
Korenov, 468 50

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The Museum of the Jizerské hory can be found in the middle of the Jizerské hory mountain range, in Jizerka village. It is located in the premises of the Jizerka local organisation of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation. The object was built in 1889, at the time of the most intensive development of the village of Jizerka, serving as a school for children of the local population.

In October 1994, an information centre was opened here, supplemented by an exposition titled “The Old Face of the Jizerské hory” that dealt with the history of the settlement and lifestyle in the past. The other expositions dealing with the history of glass-making and informing about the current situation and activities in the Jizerské hory were opened in June 1996.

The Museum is divided into four basic parts:
1. The exposition The Jizerské hory in the Old Times, where you will learn about the history of settlement and vernacular architecture of the mountains, headstones and legends linked to them, healing springs and other sights of interest. You will examine a number of items used by people back then to earn their living and life in the mountains (sledges, benches for shingle production, etc.).
2. The exposition on the history of glass-making, its tradition as well as presence.
3. The Nature of the Jizerské hory exposition - natural points of interest in the surroundings.
4. The Montana Gallery. Collection of photographs on the topic of THE PEACE OF THE FOREST by well-known photographer Siegfried Weiss.


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May - October Sa - Su 9:00 - 16:00

Services and facilities: Parking, Refreshments
Museum Specification: local history, local history

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Muzeum Jizerských hor

Muzeum Jizerských hor

Muzeum Jizerka

Muzeum Jizerka

Muzeum Jizerských hor, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Muzeum Jizerských hor



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