Ruins of Rotštejn Castle

Zřícenina hradu Rotštejn, author: Jana Chabadová

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Rotštejn is a ruin of a rock castle founded before 1300. It is located at the southeastern part of the Klokočské Skály.

The castle was mostly wooden, in part carved in the sandstone blocks. Its dominant element was an impressive tower with a rock gate accessible from a rock canyon. In the kitchen, rock benches are preserved, and there are marks of the fireplace and the chimney. In addition, you can see remnants of a walled palace, several rock rooms, a wall with loopholes, and the castle well carved in the rock.

In cold and rainy weather the monument is kept CLOSED for safety reasons.

The admission fee is voluntary.


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Zřícenina hradu Rotštejn, author: Pavel Charousek

Zřícenina hradu Rotštejn

Zřícenina hradu Rotštejn, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Zřícenina hradu Rotštejn

Zřícenina hradu Rotštejn

Zřícenina hradu Rotštejn

Rotštejn, author: Bičíková




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