Hamerský Pond

Hamerský rybník - pláž

Lusetian Mountains

Hamr na Jezere, 471 28

Web: www.obechamr.cz


Type of facility: Pond, reservoir, gravel pit
Activities: Water attraction
Other facilities: Cabins, changing rooms, Showers, WC, Refreshments, Refreshments, Children’s corner
Sports facilities: Hire of boats and other equipment, Pitches, Courts, Minigolf, Table tennis

The recreational resort named Hamr na Jezeře is situated in a beautiful area near Stráž pod Ralskem. It is surrounded by several hills - Hamerský Špičák with Děvín Castle, Mlýnský Vrch and Chrástenský Vrch.

The locality is a popular holiday destination; in the past, a lot of guest houses and villas were built, which gave the town a spa character. The local pond was founded in the 16th century. At the present time, it is used for recreation and fishing.

There are 2 campsites on the banks of the pond, with sanitary facilities, showers, hot and cold water, a restaurant and fast-food outlets. The campsite located just at the premises of the swimming-pool, on the bank of the lake, has a 400-metre-long sand beach, a 100 -metre-long grass beach, a boat and beach equipment rental, and a children's playground. The campsite named Lesní is located at the premises of the cottage colony about 300 m away from the lake. The total area of the water is approximately 56 hectares; the lake is merged in large forests of the former military area. The dyke is planted with old linden trees. The area is extremely attractive for bikers.

Děvín Castle is located not far from the campsite, on the cone-like hill that rises above the surrounding area. Its peak offers a spectacular view of Hamerský Pond and the surroundings. There is a tourist trail from the swimming-pool to the castle that takes approximately 20 minutes.

Area: 56 hectares


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Hamerský rybník - pláž

Hamerský rybník - pláž

Hamerský rybník, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Hamerský rybník

Hamr na Jezeře - pláž, author: Milan Dvořák

Hamr na Jezeře - pláž

Hamr na Jezeře - půjčovna šlapadel, author: Milan Dvořák

Hamr na Jezeře - půjčovna šlapadel

Hamr na Jezeře - pláž, author: Milan Dvořák

Hamr na Jezeře - pláž



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