Frýdlant, author: Míra Chmela

Frydlant Region

namesti T. G. Masaryka 37
Frydlant, 464 13

Phone: +420 488 886 603, +420 488 886 604
E-mail: mesto@mu-frydlant.cz, mic@mesto-frydlant.cz
Web: www.mesto-frydlant.cz

Frýdlant is located in a spur of land of the same name, on both banks of of the Smědá River.

In the past the town used to be the administrative centre of the entire region. The first written note on Frýdlant dates back to 1278 when the Biberstein family bought the local castle from the Czech king. The history of Frýdlant is also connected with the name of Albrecht of Waldstein. Albrecht had his residence in Jičín, but he advanced to the title of Duke of Frýdlant.

The historical centre of Frýdlant was declared a historical town reserve. The town's dominant feature is the castle with a beautiful interior and rich collections. Frýdlant also attracts visitors thanks to various untraditional cultural events, such as the Frýdlant Jazz Workshop or special Waldstein Feast. The beautiful landscape around Frýdlant is ideal for romantic walks and Frýdlant is also a starting point for excursions to Jizerské hory.


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Frýdlant, author: Václav Bacovský


Frýdlant, author: Míra Chmela


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