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Židovský hřbitov Turnov, author: Ing. Pavla Bičíková

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The Jewish Cemetery on Sobotecká Street in Turnov is the only preserved Jewish cemetery in the District of Semily.

The western wall features an embedded building, which housed the morgue and gravedigger's apartment. Nowadays, the exposition presents the Jewish community. The oldest preserved tombs are from the 17th century, the latest were added shortly after World War II.

The tombs are arranged in regular east - west lines with inscriptions facing south. The preserved inscriptions on tombstones represent an important historical source and often abound in poetic quality. While older tombstones bear solely Hebrew inscriptions, German ones appeared in the 1840s and even Czech was used at the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

The cemetery is a place of rest of direct ancestors of Pavel Tigrid and the writer Ivan Olbracht. The esthetic effect is enhanced by alleys with regularly arranged trees, which were however partly felled during the reconstruction of the bypass of the town. 

The Jewish cemetery is freely accessible. The key from the cemetery house can be borrowed for a refundable deposit of 200 CZK in the Synagogue Turnov (Krajířova Street, May - September) and in the Regional Tourist Information Center Turnov (Square of the Bohemian Paradise, October - April). On Saturdays and Jewish holidays, entry to the cemetery and the cemetery house is not allowed.

Location: Sobotecká ul., Turnov


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Židovský hřbitov Turnov, author: Archiv TPCR

Židovský hřbitov Turnov

Židovský hřbitov Turnov, author: Archiv TPCR

Židovský hřbitov Turnov

Hřbitovní domek, author: Archiv TPCR

Hřbitovní domek



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