Bohemian Paradise Regional Product

krásné lžíce Břetislav Jansa

Bohemian Paradise is a region of natural beauties, castles, chateaux, sacral structures and folk architecture. It is a region where you can discover the secrets of hundreds years’ tradition of Bohemian jewellery making, stone cutting, glass- and bijouterie-making. You can also find other traditional craft products here, such as decorative products made from reed, wooden toys, jewellery and original fabrics. When wandering through Bohemian Paradise, you will certainly want to sample local food, such as the delicious cheese specialities, pastries made according to traditional recipes, delicious fruit ciders or beer from local breweries.

In order to support and promote local products, the Bohemian Paradise Association, in collaboration with other partners, created the "Bohemian Paradise regional product” brand. This registered trademark is awarded to local producers who comply with strict criteria that take account especially the origin of products in the region, their originality, environmental friendliness and the share of manual work. Most certified producers would like to welcome you to their workshops and demonstrate their skills. Their products are also for sale in one of the specialized stores that have opened in many places across Bohemian Paradise.