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Kozákov is the highest hill in Český Ráj. On the top, there is the Riegrova tourist chalet built in 1928; in 1993 a metal tower was added whose gallery is used as a lookout point.

Besides the view of Český Ráj and the Jizera region, panoramic vistas are offered, comprising the uplands of České středohoří via the Lužické Hory, the ridge of Ještěd, the Jizerské Hory, the Krkonoše, the Broumovská vrchovina, the Orlické Hory up to the headland of the Českomoravská vrchovina. In good weather, you may view nearly a quarter of Bohemia: through binoculars you might spot the tallest buildings in Prague as well. Besides the top of Kozákov, there are other tourist attractions on its slopes. On the western side, high in the slope, there is the block of Drábovna. A little room is carved in the robust rock: perhaps it used to be a keep. At the lower part of the hill, there are pseudo-karstic caves named Babí and Kudrnáčova Pec. Another place worth seeing is the museum of precious stone operated by Mr Votrubec, who also owns a quarry open to the public - you may find your own gemstone.

Access to the tower:
- on foot: along the tourist trails and cycling trails from Semily, Železný Brod, Malá Skála or Turnov
- by car: access to the chalet. During the summer season, the top of Kozákov is accessible by tourist coaches

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Kozákov z dronu, author: Charousek Pavel

Kozákov z dronu