Liberec - In the footsteps of the Liebig family

Liebiegovo městečko, author: časopis Véčko

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Liberec is very closely connected to Liebieg family. Let´s go for a walk to see what architectural gems are in Liberec thanks to them.

The Liebieg family had such a strong influence on the structure of the city, that they had the same value as Baťa Company for Zlín. This family belonged to the significant industrialists and they were the most important citizens of Liberec. The founder of the fabled textile factory Johann Liebieg Sr (1802-1870) was a president of the board of directors in Liberec Savings Bank, the first president of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Liberec, a member of the Provincial Council and Imperial Council. His four sons carry on with the father's business. 

No wonder, that the majority of public, secular and religious new buildings were co-financed by Liebieg family. Liebieg family belongs to the biggest patrons of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, this family has continued eminent nobleman patrons and local construction traditions of the previous time. Maybe for that reason is the historicism seen in the most of the Liebieg's realizations.


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Liebiegovo městečko, author: časopis Véčko

Liebiegovo městečko