Křížový vrch - Calvary Cvikov

Křížová cesta, author: Míra Chmela

Lusetian Mountains

Cvikov, 471 54

Křížový vrch is often referred to as Calvary. It is a small hillock connected to Zelený vrch not far from Cvikov.

Johann Franz Richter, a stocking weaver, settled there and began to build a place of pilgrimage. The lane leading to the chapel soon acquired the nature of the Stations of the Cross as several benefactors had 8 mason chapels with the key stations of Jesus built at their own expense alongside the lane. Other chapels were built later on. However, the Calvary was not maintained after World War II and decayed. It was not reconstructed until a restoration project was launched by the magistrate of Cvikov in 1991. Owing to this, we can admire 14 chapels with plastic scenes under glass cover and a larger chapel at the foot of the hill in a linden alley.

Location: 1.5 km to the north-east of Cvikov

Sacrial Monuments: Other

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Kalvárie Cvikov, author: Míra Chmela

Kalvárie Cvikov

Křížová cesta, author: Míra Chmela

Křížová cesta

Kalvárie Cvikov, author: Jan Pasler

Kalvárie Cvikov