The Villa of Heinrich Liebieg

Lesní vila, author: achiv soukromého sběratele

Jizera Mountains

Wolkerova 258
Liberec, 460 01

Currently, these private buildings are not being used.

The so-called Forest villa which resembled the appearance of the baroque villa was designed by Jakob Schmeissner, however the participation of the Nuremberg architect Josef Schmitz in this project is also quite probable. It was, however, completed after the death of the building's owner in 1906 by the Liberec engineer Adolf Worf. After the death of the heirs in the 1920s, the building was passed to the city for social purposes. And indeed except for the war years until 1993 the building served first as as a children sanatorium then as a sanatorium for patients with respiratory problems and eventually as a psychiatric sanatorium. In 1939 a complex of agricultural and residential buildings was built over the villa according to the project of Franz Künzl.


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Lesní vila, author: achiv soukromého sběratele

Lesní vila