The Model House for the Czech-German Exhibition in 1906 / The Housing Estate

Vzorový dům, author: MIC Liberec

Jizera Mountains

Fucikova 5 / 128
Liberec, 460 01


Under the auspices of the city of Liberec an exhibition of Germans living in Bohemia took place here from 17th May to 30th September 1906. The spectacular exhibition featured the presentation of economical, artistic and cultural standards of the German minority in the Czech Republic. It was set in the area above the dam and, among other things the picture collection of Heinrich Liebig which he donated to the city was shown here. Johann Liebieg & Co. presented a model workers' house at the exhibition. This building designed by Jakob Schmeissner in 1905 was built by the Prague construction company Pohl & Kutsche. The Building for clerks was even inspected by Emperor Franz Joseph I. and after the exhibition it was actually inhabited by Liebieg's employees.


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Vzorový dům, author: MIC Liberec

Vzorový dům