Horse riding station Ranch Srbsko

Ranč Srbsko

Bohemian Paradise

Srbsko 4
Knezmost, 294 02

GSM: +420 608 476 041, +420 776 593 954

Ranch Srbsko is located near the ranch Komárovský pond in the tourist region of Czech Paradise. Ranch Srbsko offers accommodation for adults and children, who are interested in spending a holiday in the countryside and in society of farm animals as rabbits, horses, goats etc.

Ranch Srbsko - accommodation:

Two renovated cottages offers a kitchenette with sink, electric cooker, fridge, shower, table and chairs. Common composting toilet is between the cottages. The kitchen is with dishes utensils. Is the possibility of grilling front of the cottages. The cottages are located in the countryside with views of the horse shed and permaculture garden. The beds are with summer blankets and sheets.

Ranch Srbsko - other activities:

Family ranch stay in the beautiful surroundings of the Bohemian Paradise, is ideal for horseback riding or carriage. There are many hiking trails and bike paths. Organic and permaculture farming, goats, 2 cows, poultry, horses etc. Ranch Srbsko is surrounded by forests, meadows, rocks and ponds.

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Ranč Srbsko

Ranč Srbsko

Ranč Srbsko

Ranč Srbsko