Dachovy swimming centre

Koupaliště Dachova, author: Martin Hlaváček

Bohemian Paradise

Horice, 507 81

GSM: +420 720 153 668
Web: https://tshorice.cz/o-koupalisti/ds-1001/p1=1003


Type of facility: Outdoor swimming-pool
Activities: Paddling pool, Children’s swimming pool, Chute, Ski bridge
Other facilities: Cabins, changing rooms, Showers, WC, Refreshments, Children’s corner
Sports facilities: Pitches, Courts, Boules, Table tennis, Beach volleyball

A swimming centre with stylish wooden locker rooms, sandy beach, 2m spring board, roller coaster, wooden island, accommodation and refreshments, volleyball and beach volleyball courts, netball, table tennis and children\\\\\\\\\'s playground. The centre is also suitable for small babies.

The swimming pool replaced the former pond of Dachov in 1925. The pool features a 2-m springboard, roller coaster and a popular wooden island in the middle; the bottom is covered with sand and tiles. At the edge of the pool there is a designated area of shallow water for non-swimmers and a wading pool for children. It is also possible to avail of accommodation or have a meal there; the centre features a volleyball court, beach volleyball court, netball, table tennis, and a playground for children.

The swimming pool is also ideal for small babies. The pool is fed by a usually strong inflow of quality crystal clear water from a wooded slope and has a stone bed. The quality of the water is proved by the occurrence of the rare salamander, which is very sensitive to the cleanness of water and which is protected by law.

Otevírací doba

June - August Mo - Su 10:00 - 19:00


Plné vstupné:60,00 CZK
Dětské vstupné:40,00 CZK

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Koupaliště Dachova, author: Martin Hlaváček

Koupaliště Dachova

Koupaliště Dachova, author: Martin Hlaváček

Koupaliště Dachova