Suché skály, author: Pavla Bičíková

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Mala Skala, 468 22

The region of Maloskalsko is among the best-known and most-popular rock formations in the Český Ráj.

The place is known for various pseudo-karst formations and admirable ragged rocks, such as the Suché Skály or the Vranovský Hřeben. There are other attractive rock formations in the area, for example, the rock labyrinth called the Chléviště and the lookout rocks named the Sokol and the Kalich. In addition, there are preserved ruins of castles, e.g. Frýdštejn, Vranov, Zbirohy, etc.

The area is distinctive for a dense road network and marked tourist trails. There are numerous winter and summer sports and recreational facilities. Good access is provided on the road from Turnov to Železný Brod or by train - railway No. 030 , railway station in Malá Skála.

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Malá skála, author: Ondřej Holas

Malá skála

Malá Skála, author: Ondřej Holas

Malá Skála

Maloskalsko, author: Archiv TPCR


Suché skály, author: Pavla Bičíková

Suché skály