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The Krkonoše National Park - KRNAP was the second national park established in the former Czechoslovakia, it was in 1963. It is one of the most significant protected nature areas in our country, and it is considered one of the largest parks in Europe.

KRNAP, the Krkonoše National Park, is situated in the area of the Krkonoše and Rýchory Mountains, from the Novosvětské Sedlo (saddle of Nový Svět) in the west to the Žacléřské Sedlo (saddle of Žacléř) in the east. The northern border is the neighbouring Karkonoski Park Narodowy (Poland), an inseparable natural territory.

The Krkonoše Mountains are the highest mountains in the Czech Republic. The highest peak is Mount Sněžka (1,602 metres above sea level). Because of the natural riches, the Krkonoše are considered a unique locality in Central Europe. They are characterized by magnificent mountaineous ridges and large forest stands. There are steep rock slopes, glacial valleys, platforms, peat bogs, mountain meadows and typical geological formations.

The region is known for numerous rare vegetation species, out of which many are only present in the Krkonoše. The Krkonoše are the source area for the largest river in the Czech Republic, the Elbe (Labe) and for a lot of smaller water bodies that are popular because of their wonderful waterfalls. In 1978 the Krkonoše were declared a protected area of natural water resources. The best-known natural monuments are the nature monuments called Prameny Labe (Elbe River source area), the Prameny Úpy (Úpa River source area) and the Rýchory.

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Harrachovy kameny, author: Valerian Spusta

Harrachovy kameny

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Kozí hřbety

Pančavský vodopád, author: Dotační program

Pančavský vodopád

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Černohorská rašeliniště

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Zlaté návrší

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